Lead a Class

The lifeblood of SLR is peer learning where our members share their experience, interests and knowledge with other members. Do you have some special knowledge you’d like to share? Maybe you’ve had an unusual occupation or lived in some exotic location. Perhaps you have a passion about the life and times of Merrie Olde England, or wonders of ancient civilisations.


As a Study Group Leader (SGL) you have the opportunity to put together a class of maybe 10 to 30 members to share your knowledge. Typical classes are two hours with a refreshment break, and can be a one-off or a weekly series lasting up to 10 weeks. The choice is yours.


Click here if you’d like to take the lead and be an SGL. Or call the office at 250-448-1203 and we’ll put you in touch with the right person to get you involved.