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The health and safety of SLR members is our greatest concern. Accordingly, we follow federal and provincial guidelines and suggestions in taking all reasonable precautions to protect our members’ well-being.


The following will be required of all in-class and indoor event participants:


1.   You will be required to agree to a waiver stating you attend the class or event          entirely at your own risk, and will not hold SLR responsible for any adverse                medical outcomes.

2.   To participate in a class or an event, you must have received two government

       approved COVID vaccinations.

3.   Before entering your class you will be required to produce proof of your

      vaccinations by means of a BC Vaccination Card / passport.     

      CLICK HERE to obtain your BC vaccination card.

4.   Effective March 11th Masks are not required in class. You may still wear one if

      you choose. Masks will be required in the hallways of BGC until further notice.

If you are unable to attend an in-class program or event, remember that many are offered online. Check with Amilia or in the program calendar if your course is offered via Zoom.

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